Giclee & High Resolution Fine Art Printing

Our Large format, high resolution Canon printer gives us the capability to print on canvas, satin and linen substrates and a variety of other materials. If you have the need for a specific paper surface or type, we may be able accommodate you.

Once printed, finished materials can be mounted in a variety of ways including canvas stretcher. All print and finishing products are acid free /archival quality.

We also keep an extensive inventory of chemistry on hand for both new and restoration processes.


Fine Art copywork/reproduction and output for printing or online use.

As artists, we know it's sometimes difficult to get your artwork into the digital realm while maintaining its finer nuances. But sometimes not all the details should come through. For instance, you might want to retain the paper's texture in the photo. But if you're going to print on canvas, you'll have an extra texture that will print! Or you've used an impasto, or really thick oil or acrylic, but need to eliminate the gloss reflections off of the paint, but maintain somewhat of the 3D look? That's possible too.

We offer everything from studio photographic repro work, with basic balance and formatting, to much more extensive digital retouching or creations.

We even do digital-to-analog-to-digital (or the reverse) retouching, or full blown illustration to accomplish a finished product.


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